David Hasselhoff’s girlfriend too young for marriage says mom

Is he ready for marriage?

Mrs Carter: Is David really pushing his girlfriend to get married or is this just tabloid fodder?

Reports are surfacing that David Hasselhoff is pushing his girlfriend Hayley Roberts to marry him, but her mother says that Hayley is just not ready yet. Hayley’s mother, Margaret Roberts tells Radar Online that David has asked her daughter to marry him numerous times, but that she feels too young to make that kind of commitment just yet.  Margaret said;

“She has told me that he keeps asking her and she says she likes him a lot, but she’s still quite young and that’s what the problem is.”

Although there is quite an age difference between Hayley 32, and David, 59, Roberts is not exactly a young girl and at 32 many women are married or are thinking of marriage.  So is the problem really that she is too young for marriage, or is it something else?

Margaret admits that at first she found the age difference between her daughter and David troubling, but once she saw how perfect they were for each other, she got over it.  She said;

“At first I found the age difference difficult. He’s older than me but when you see them together they just get on really well so I don’t worry so much now. It’s not the age difference…it’s more she’s young and it’s a big commitment. She has given up her job to be with him for a year. It’s too hard otherwise with him traveling…but she wanted this year to be with him and see what it’s like. This way she can spend the year and see how she feels about being with him after that. I don’t think she should jump into marriage and that’s what I’ve told her. I told her to take things easy and think things over, I don’t want her making bad mistakes.”

Taking your time to make sure the relationship is right for marriage is always a good idea – Kim Kardashian is a prime example of what jumping into marriage can do to a relationship.

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