Mariah Yeater’s lawyers hoped to settle with Justin Bieber out of court

Lawyers hoped to settle out of court

Mrs Carter: Shouldn’t you know if the baby is Justin’s before expecting to settle out of court?

When the news broke of Justin Bieber possibly being the father of Mariah Yeater’s love child we weren’t sure if she was in it for the fame, the money, to meet Justin or because it was true, but when it comes to her lawyer’s they were hoping that Justin would throw money at the situation and settle out of court.

Bieber has no intention of giving Mariah or her lawyers one dime of hush money and instead wants to take a paternity test to show that not only are the allegations false, but that there are heavy consequences for your actions as he plans to sue Yeater once he’s proven not to be the father. Bieber hopes that by suing Mariah that he will put a stop to others that are thinking of pulling similar stunt.

On Dr. Drew’s show, Mariah revealed that her lawyer’s tried to contact Justin’s people before ever filing the case to settle this matter out of court, but Bieber’s camp never responded – possibly because the claim sounded completely outrageous.

One of Yeater’s attorney’s, Jeffery Leving says that Justin shouldn’t get away with bullying a single mother and that he wants the DNA test “carefully supervised”.  He said;

“Justice is not a luxury for the rich. She probably doesn’t even know what to right now, aside from caring for her child.”

Yeater claims that she had a one night encounter with Bieber after his show at the Los Angeles Staples center and that resulted in her becoming pregnant with their baby.  Bieber says that he’s never met Mariah before in his life and that the baby claims are false.  He said;

“I’m gonna be a target, but I’m never gonna be a victim.”

A child support hearing is scheduled for December 15.

Photo: Adam Sundana

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