‘Glee’: the music of ‘The First Time’

How where the songs?

There’s no question that Tuesday night’s new episode of “Glee” was a bit of an interesting one — most of the music wasn’t that memorable away from the story, which may be the best one that the show has pulled off since the first season.

By the end of this episode, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine all took a major step in their lives … and here’s some of the music that went along with it.

“Tonight, Tonight” –┬áThere were very few songs this week that actually were sung on without a story accompaniment, and this was one. It was brief, but enjoyable — and it really didn’t have much to do with anything outside of the plot. Grade: C+

“Uptown Girl” – Just as we met the Warblers last year with “Teenage Dream,” we met Sebastian this year with a new number. This was a classic Warblers track — fun, original, and making us want them to be around longer. Not only that, but it even gave us a dose of story courtesy of Sebastian. Grade: A

“America” – Some of the cast members really do need to work on their accents. (The Rory joke here was pretty funny.) The problem with the “West Side Story” songs this week was that they distracted us from the main story — and while it was to an extent important as a part of what the characters have been up to, it was not as exciting as the rest of the episode. Grade: C

“One Hand, One Heart” – Finally, the “West Side Story” play works perfectly! In capping off a stellar episode, we had the beautiful decision to have the “first time” moments happen while the song was playing. It was not only a powerful moment, but the singing was also just as beautiful. Grade: A

What song did you enjoy the most this week?

Photo: Fox

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