‘Survivor: South Pacific’: reading into the Cochran attacks (video)

It’s to be seen what happens.

If you have seen any promos this week for Wednesday’s new episode of “Survivor: South Pacific,” then you probably already have a slight indication of what is going to happen when it comes to Cochran — he is going to have one of the worst days imaginable following his flip at Tribal Council.

However, is there anything we can read into his tribe tearing him a new one? It’s possible, since we have to remember that producers love to focus primarily on the drama during promos, and the Cochran drama is all we are seeing. Therefore, are we going to see some predictable votes? This episode is a double-elimination, so it would seem fitting that we could have the more predictable boots here.

With that being said, we aren’t putting it past Jim to make some sort of a minor shake-up — not so much when it comes to getting an Upolu member sent home, but possibly to save himself before someone like Ozzy or Whitney. (Even though Dawn won immunity, it’s hard to see her being a target.)

We’re simply theorizing here — but you can join in the conversation by watching the promo and commenting below!

Photo: CBS

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