Justin Bieber to take paternity test, will sue Mariah Yeater

There's trouble brewing

Mrs Carter: Mariah is headed for a mountain of trouble.

Justin Bieber has been accused of fathering the child of 20 year old Mariah Yeater and she has filed a law suit against him asking him to take a paternity test and to provide child support.

Bieber has come forward and said that not only is the story false, but that he’ll gladly take the paternity test and when it comes back as negative, he’ll be suing her into oblivion.  The singer and his camp want to show that making up false stories about him will have heavy consequences, but these may not be the only legal ramifications Yeater may face. If it turns out for some crazy reason that this story is true, then she may face charges for being with a minor.

Sources have said that Yeater has already accused another man of being the father, which blows her lawyer’s defense out of the water since she told them the only ‘father’ possibility was Bieber.

Yeater says that the night with Bieber happened in October 2010 when she attended a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  She said; “He immediately took a liking to me.”  She went on to say that Bieber asked her if they could go somewhere that they could be alone and that once they were out of sight “his whole demeanor changed… It went from being cute and gushy to… more aggressive.”  Mariah has said in the past that this was Justin’s ‘first time’ and if that was the case then her claims that he was ‘aggressive’ don’t really make a lot of sense.

The interviewer asked Mariah about the ‘proof’ she had that the event actually took place, but she responded by saying “I’ve provided evidence to my attorneys.”

Her lawyers were originally standing behind her and openly speaking to the media about the case, up until it was revealed that Yeater had accused another man of fathering her child.  Since then her attorneys have gone underground – probably a good idea since the storm Bieber will be raining down on this BS will be fierce.

Bieber is finishing up his tour right now, but says that once he’s done in roughly two weeks that he will take the test and end this once and for all.

Photo: Adam Sundana

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