Hugh Grant keeps baby naming classic

He's named his daughter Jessica

Mrs Carter: Hugh decided to go with a classic name instead of something outrageous and we approve!

While many Hollywood celebrities have taken to giving their children incredibly ridiculous names like purple snoopy crayonface, Hugh Grant opted for a more classic name for his new born daughter and named her Jessica, saving his daughter a giant headache when she eventually goes to school.

This is Grant’s first child and while the mother has not been confirmed publically as actress Tinglan Hong, he was seen the other day going into her London home to visit with his baby girl.  A neighbor of Hong’s admits that they didn’t realize the actress had a child since she has kept to herself since giving birth.  They said;

“We didn’t even know she had a child. I’ve never seen her take it out to the park, which is only a minute’s walk from here.”

We are happy to hear that Hugh has given his little girl a name that is a little easier to deal with.  She is already the daughter of a famous actor, so she really doesn’t need the extra pressure of being named after some inanimate object or a favorite energy drink.

Photo: Tine Hemeryck

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