‘Survivor: South Pacific’ interview: Christine Shields Markoski speaks out

The Redemption warrior is gone.

On “Survivor: South Pacific,” no one was harder to beat than Christine Shields Markoski. Despite getting voted out second by a then-intact Upolu tribe, she nearly won her way back into the game by taking down just about everyone thrown at her.

Unfortunately, her run was over Wednesday night when Ozzy — at Redemption as a part of a plot with his Savaii tribe — ended up taking her out. Since she spent most of her time at a unique place, we had some rather interesting things to talk about Thursday.

Carter: I’ve been talking to a number of people the past few weeks, and they all had really nice things to say about you at Redemption. How did you keep a positive attitude being there for so long?

Christine: In the beginning of it I cracked a little — I was thinking about my kids, my husband, and being out there alone you tend to start going crazy with your thoughts.

I worked through that, and then I kept myself busy. I sewed, I decorated, I hunted, I fished, I journaled … every second of the day I was doing something. So that’s what kept my positive attitude [going].

So Ozzy gets to Redemption Island and starts cooking up this huge majestic production about him getting voted out. What did you think of it?

It was totally plausible because being blindsided is not completely unfamiliar to Ozzy — so when he told me that whole story it was completely believable. I was just upset that it was Ozzy that was there and not someone else.

If you were in the situation that Cochran was in during this episode, would you have let a purple rock control your fate? I know how you feel about Coach / ‘Benjamin’ but you could have joined Upolu and then worked over to Savaii later.

Yeah, I don’t know. The whole purple rock thing — I don’t want to go home because I picked the wrong rock. I think that I would have thought about going with Upolu just for a bit, and then switching. I just don’t that the whole idea of the rock — ‘the luck of the draw’ — sending me home. I don’t know if I could live with that.

We’ve been campaigning for a whole for a ‘Survivor’ featuring pre-merge players. If you were asked to come back, would you do it?

I think so. I think I would want to play more of the social game than the Redemption Island ‘winning challenges game.’ So yeah, I do think I’d like to do that.

Who are you rooting for moving forward?

Photo: CBS

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