‘Survivor: South Pacific’: secret scene shows Cochran’s motivation

More explanation.

Usually, the extra clips posted online for each “Survivor: South Pacific” episode offer up some fun moments and contest to what is going on in the game — but very rarely do they give us a look at something as important as a key reason for a move being made.

However, that’s what we got in this week’s clip — which can be viewed over at this link. Basically, Cochran had extra motivation to flip beyond just wanting to avoid drawing a purple rock in a tie vote — he also was given the chance to be in an alliance with Albert, Sophie, and Coach. While this was not necessarily a “final four alliance,” the implications here are big.

As for why we didn’t end up seeing this scene, odds are that this alliance fails to stick together long-term. The Upolu members were also likely just giving themselves multiple options, and plan on sticking together unless Brandon blows a gasket somewhere along the line.

Now that you’ve seen this scene, do you understand Cochran’s move a bit better?

Photo: CBS

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