‘The Biggest Loser’ trainer Bob Harper comes out as gay during segment on show

The Biggest Loser -Mrs. Carter: Bob Harper managed to do more this week than just having a coming out moment on TV.

While the family and many friends of “The Biggest Loser’s” famed trainer have known about his sexuality for several decades, Tuesday night’s episode was the first time in the dozen-plus seasons of the show that he has been a part of it that he talked about his sexuality publicly. The discussion happened as he was trying to coach one of the contestants on his team in Bobby Saleen, who was struggling to be accepted for the person that he was at a time in which so many other members of his team were celebrating “Thanksgiving.” (This is more fake Thanksgiving when you consider the timing of this season.)

But Bob, to his credit, was willing to really open up and share some of his own story with Bobby, and explain how he managed to find himself and be happy while also continuing to do everything else that he wanted to in life. This was one of the more real moments on the show this whole season, though we think that from an editing perspective, it could have been even more poignant had the producers shown Bob’s confessional about his sexuality after the discussion, and not before. Thanks to this, you knew that the moment was coming.

“The Biggest Loser” remains one of NBC’s most-successful franchises, and there is something very significant and refreshing that comes from one of its stars not being afraid to be open about who he is. While the goal here is obviously that there can someday be a time in which a gay trainer on a reality show is just not a news item at all, we’re still not quite there.

Do you think that this was an especially powerful moment of the show, especially since Bob was able to share such a big part of himself to help someone else? Share your thoughts below, and be sure to click here if you want to read some more news related to “The Biggest Loser.”

Photo: NBC

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