Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries divorce round up

What is really going?

Mrs. Carter: The rumor mill is turning so fast that we had to round up all of the Kim/Kris gossip into one story.  Let’s get this under control, shall we?

Since Kim Kardashian dropped the bomb yesterday that she is divorcing her husband of 72 days Kris Humphries, mountains of stories have been floating around about the couple and many of them just sound like complete BS – so let’s investigate.

First there was the claim that Kim left Chris to go back to Reggie Bush.  MediaTakeOut says that not only did Kim meet up with Reggie over the weekend for some secret lunch, but that Reggie told Kim that he wouldn’t go any further with her until she was officially divorced.   A source close to Kim told Gossip Cop that this was “100 percent not true” and as we all know Reggie Bush is dating that Kim Kardashian look alike from the Old Navy commercials.

Then there is the Kris bashing.  The poor guy was blindsided by Kim filing for divorce and released a statement saying that all he wants is to do is make his marriage work with the woman that he loves, but for some reason multiple reports are surfacing saying that Kris was only with Kim for the fame and her money – which is really ridiculous since he is a NBA player that made 3.2 million dollars last year and is hardly hurting for cash.  As much as people are trying to throw Kris under the bus for the end of the marriage, there’s just no real dirt on him at this point.

In addition we have Kim’s divorce and dash.  Kardashian filed for divorce on Monday morning and by Monday evening the reality star was boarding a plane to Australia for business.  When photographers caught up with her at LAX, she didn’t seem all that broken up over the end of her marriage and actually looked better then she has in months.  Perhaps divorce was the right choice for her after all.

And lastly there is the timing of the divorce.  Kim waited until the Monday to announce the divorce, ensuring that she could get the most publicity out of this ordeal as possible, but she also announced it on the anniversary of the first time Kim and Kris met at a New Jersey Nets game in 2010 which is a bit of a slap in the face to Kris.  TMZ says that Kim was ‘tortured’ about pulling the plug on her marriage all weekend, but when decided Kris decided to hire a publicist to help him deal with all the fame that came from being married to Kim, she decided it was over.  She allegedly said to one of her friends; “He’s not in [expletive] Hollywood.  He plays sports.”  Yes he does play sports, but he was married to someone who is in the press every second of the day, so hiring a publicist sounds like something he should’ve done long before he got married to Kim since it’s obviously part of the deal.

Photo: Luke Ford

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