‘Survivor: South Pacific’: first look at ‘Double Agent’

Is he the agent?

Usually we save our “Survivor: South Pacific” tease for the weekend — but with events getting as exciting as they are following this past episode, we want to get things started a little bit early.

With that, here is what CBS has released so far in the way of a description:

“With a potential Merge on the horizon, one tribe puts on an elaborate show in hopes of gaining the upper hand on their competition, and an unlikely castaway holds all the power at a game-changing Tribal Council.”

When it comes to the “elaborate show,” we already can assume this is a reference to Ozzy acting as though Cochran blindsided him using a hidden immunity idol. However, the real question here is if anyone on Upolu is going to end up believing it.

As for the “unlikely castaway,” the edit has given us a couple of prime candidates — Cochran and Edna. Neither one of them has fit in with everyone on their respective tribes, and could very well have the power to control the entire game if they want to make a big move. The only thing that could make it hard? Ozzy just saved his life for Cochran (which could plant a seed of guilt) — meanwhile, Edna is still close with Coach.

What do you want to see happen this week?

Photo: CBS


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