‘The X Factor’ USA: a full look at Stacy Francis drama

There’s plenty of information out.

Are people starting to make too big of a deal out of this “X Factor” controversy regarding Stacy Francis? Let’s do a bit of investigating to figure it out.

First, it seems as though the only reason the vast majority of people are getting upset here is because Stacy has a performing history that includes some pretty prestigious names — such as performing with the likes of Madonna and Prince. Now, we know (thanks to Vote For the Worst) that the full extent of her history with Adam Lambert includes headlining with him at a cabaret show in 2008. She also has connections to the likes of Oprah and was in an R&B group at the age on 16.

Now that we have gotten that out there (and watched Perez Hilton simultaneously combust thanks to a back-and-forth he had with Adam about whether or not Stacy can make pop music), let’s take a look at this from an insider perspective. As someone who has seen plenty of reality show contracts, let’s just be frank about this — it’s silly to blame Stacy for “hiding” anything, when she really didn’t hide much of anything at all. Producers do extensive background checks that are so thorough they probably feel like a root canal at times, and anyone who thinks that the show did not know about Stacy’s past history in the business have another thing coming. If there is anyone people should be upset about when it comes to Stacy having “experience,” it’s the show for editing her story to make it look like she was more of an undiscovered talent.

Also, you also have to pull yourself out of the “American Idol” mold if you are going to enjoy this show. LeRoy Bell and Dexter Haygood also have a long performing history, and if you look at “The Voice” both winner Javier Colon and runner-up Dia Frampton had put up music in the past. The idea of an “undiscovered star” in America is difficult in an age where so many reality shows exist. Wouldn’t you rather have someone talented who never managed to take it to the next level of stardom than a mediocre “undiscovered” artist?

“The X Factor” probably would have been better suited to edit Stacy’s story differently, just so that none of this came as a shock to anyone as it has over the past few days — but with that being said, this is not a show where past experience has to count against you. The decision will be up to America, and if they love Stacy she’ll stick around.

What’s your take on Stacy’s history, and on some of the reaction to it?

Photo: Fox

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