‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11 spoilers: Look who’s romancing Amber Tamblyn’s Jenny

Tamblyn -As much as we like Amber Tamblyn as an actress, we have to admit one thing about her role on “Two and a Half Men” so far this season: It’s been pretty bland. Basically, the writers have found a way to dissolve the occasionally-complex character of Charlie Harper into Jenny, but keeping only the parts that include a love for booze and for women. Literally, the only things that we ever really hear her talk about are getting drunk, and sleeping with women. That’s about it.

Well luckily, there at least appears to be a love interest coming up that is going to stick around for longer than just a few minutes. Sources have confirmed that Aly┬áMichalka, based known for her role on “Aly & AJ” (and a part of the musical group of the same name) and also “Hellcats” on The CW, will appear in at least a couple of episodes as Brooke. Sadly, that’s all that has been revealed about the character right now … which is slightly troublesome, since it makes us worry that there is not going to be much more of the character than that.

While Tamblyn was promoted to series regular earlier this year, it is possible that the show is still working to the best of its ability to figure out what they really want to do with the role. Admittedly, it took them almost a full year to figure out Walden Schmidt, and now he is the most complex member of the cast (though that is really not saying very much at all, all things considered).

“Two and a Half Men” has fallen off in the ratings this year following its move away from “The Big Bang Theory,” which has of course led to speculation that the show could end soon after an impressive 11-year run. After all, this is not a cheap program to put on, as Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer each demand some massive salaries. Even though not having Angus T. Jones may have saved some money, it will likely not be enough.

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Photo: CBS

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