‘Survivor: South Pacific’ interview: Mikayla Wingle talks Brandon, Ozzy

Mikayla left Wednesday night.

On every season of “Survivor,” it seems like we get a case of a good contestant who simply gets trapped in a bad situation. This time around, that was Mikayla Wingle. She started this game as a hard worker and a physical threat, but Brandon Hantz’s bizarre distaste for her (due to some sort of baggage he was carrying into the game) landed her in hot water early on — and then, she was booted thanks to being on the outside of an alliance.

Following her exit from Redemption Island Wednesday night, we had an opportunity to hear her share her thoughts on the game.

Carter: When you were at tribal council this past time, what did you think of Brandon suddenly saying that he wanted to keep you? Was this the first time you’ve heard of this?

Mikayla: He’s a rollercoaster. After I talked to everybody I thought ‘I should be fine,’ but I started getting this gut feeling. I just didn’t get a good vibe. He says he wants to keep me, but then he’s like ‘I have to keep my word to Edna.’ Keep your word? You’ve lied already — we’ve caught you in however many lies. What is your word worth right now?

It stunk that it ended up being me, but when I heard that at tribal I was like ‘holy smokes, what’s going on?!’

You bring up the idea of loyalty, so I have to ask about Coach. The guy pledges loyalty and honor, so what do you think about him hiding the immunity idol for so long?

Coach has played the game differently every time he has gone into it. Third time, if he tries something different, he might do well this time. 

It definitely stunk, because he had Brandon by the tip of his finger because they had a connection with God and how Brandon played like Coach did the first season. The fact that [the idol] came out now –it makes me laugh. I hope somehow takes Brandon aside and he realizes that [after thinking] that ‘all these people are so great’ and that I’m so bad, I’m a temptress — look who you trusted! In the long run, that’s a lesson for him. 

Coach is a piece of work. I could never connect with him. I’ve played sports all my life and every coach I’ve had, I connected [with]. Him — every time he talked to me, I just couldn’t buy it. I felt like he was trying to just talk with lines out of a book or a movie. Everything was just so fake.

Since we didn’t seen much of it, what was it like being with Christine on Redemption Island?

Redemption was awesome. Christine — we clicked from the beginning. She’s from New York, I’m from New Jersey. We didn’t have an alliance together, but just because you don’t have an alliance doesn’t mean that you don’t like them.

… Being able to just go in there and [talk] with her — she’s awesome. It was a breath of fresh air. 

So would you ever volunteer to go to Redemption Island like Ozzy just did?

No way! He’s crazy. I don’t know what’s he thinking. I was watching on my Twitter last night, and everyone was like ‘what was he thinking?’ I’m laughing — I’m watching and I don’t know why he’s doing this. I think he’s absolutely crazy. He goes from being a free agent to getting back in the tribe to doing this — he’s just trying everything. This is his third time, and he’s trying to pull all the moves.

Who are you rooting for moving forward?

Photo: CBS

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