‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Ozzy’s bold move, Cochran’s big gain

Cochran was the focus.

Overall, this was quite an episode of “Survivor: South Pacific” to witness. There was drama, Coach pretending to act like he didn’t have an immunity idol while in prayer, Brandon painting Edna’s swimsuit top on to be her “twin,” and


Coach – Somehow, the guy managed to pull off something brilliant this week. Not only has he once again convinced everyone on his tribe to unify, but he found an easy way out of revealing the immunity idol to the group. Well-played, Dragon Slayer.

Sophie – We once again assert that Sophie is the darkhorse on this tribe. She’s smart enough to really realize everything that is going on within this tribe, and she is also not going to be a major threat anytime soon.

Edna – At the merge, she is a dangerous player since she’ll no longer be viewed as a weak link. It’ll be interesting to see if she tries to flip tribes if this happens next week.

Cochran – He’s only a winner because he’s ridiculously lucky. There’s no reason that this guy should really still be in this game. If it wasn’t for Ozzy freaking out, Christine would probably be pounding him at Redemption Island.

Christine – Hey, she’s almost won her way back in the game.


Brandon – We’ve been saying for a while that Brandon is the ultimate goat to take to the end, but Albert had a good point this week. In keeping Brandon, you run the risk of him spoiling tribe secrets at a tribal council meltdown. That is dangerous.

Ozzy – There are bold moves, and there are silly moves. This was a silly move. Christine would have flipped to Savaii anyway if she came back in the game, so there was really no sense in the guy going to Redemption at all. However, Ozzy had a “dream” that told him to do this — and to also potentially create this plan that Cochran is an evil mastermind and a double agent. Who wants to bet this comes back to bit him in some way?

Mikayla – She really was a pretty solid player this season, but she just got in on the wrong alliance and also had to deal with Brandon who was uncomfortable around her for no good reason. She’s going to be fun to speak to tomorrow.

What do you think about Ozzy’s plan?

Photo: CBS

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