PETA takes aim at Matt Damon’s new film ‘We Bought a Zoo’


In the wake of the tragedy that happened in Ohio this past week, PETA is now urging director Cameron Crowe to include a new warning at the end of his upcoming film “We Bought a Zoo.”

What’s the problem? As the organization’s Vice-President Lisa Lange states in a statement, the movie (which focuses on Matt Damon’s character starting up a family-owned zoo) may give the wrong impression when it comes to having animals in captivity:

“We Bought a Zoo conveys the misleading and downright dangerous message that no special knowledge—just a lot of heart—is needed to run a zoo. As the tragedy in Ohio gruesomely illustrates, wild animals aren’t Disney characters. They have very special needs that all too often aren’t met by people who buy them on a whim because they think it would be ‘cool’ to own a tiger.”

Unfortunately for this “Zoo” movie, it may be very well suffering from some of the worst timing in the recent history of filmmaking. The only advantage the film has is that it does not come out for another two months — which means that there will be some distance between the Ohio tragedy and the film’s release.

Do you think it would be responsible for Crowe to attach a warning at the end of his film?

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