‘Survivor: South Pacific’: will someone go down in history?

Ozzy could best Coach here.

In looking ahead to Wednesday’s new episode of “Survivor: South Pacific,” we have one extremely valuable question to ask — will Ozzy actually do something that goes down as one of the craziest moves in the history of the game?

First, let’s look at the episode synopsis for “Trojan Horse,” which serves as quite an interesting title in itself:

“One tribe calls upon the heavens in hopes of changing their luck, while the other tribe is left in shock when one of their own makes a risky move that will go down in Survivor history.”

(Warning: the following contains speculation based on show footage.)

As the promo video during Wednesday night’s episode already shows, Ozzy is the one who seemingly makes the offer to go. If this does end up being true (which it may not considering that the show has provided plenty of red herrings in the past), Ozzy must be thinking that he could beat Christine or Mikayla, get right back in the game, and somehow be able to get some sort of advantage on Upolo in the process. In a way this move echoes Lawon’s ridiculous “evict me” plan in “Big Brother 13,” and we all saw how that turned out for him.

Ultimately, this move (if it happens) could end up being viewed as a major success or a failure on the same lines as JT giving Russell an idol in “Heroes vs. Villains.” It all depends on if it works. What really makes this silly to begin with is that Christine would never go back to Upolu in a million years if she comes back — which means that really, this game is being made for no good reason.

You can check out another new promo for the show below.

Photo: CBS

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