Coverage of Moammar Gadhafi — too violent for TV?

How should we feel?

The news of Moammar Gadhafi’s end on Thursday was something that drew headlines around the world — but it was also something that shocked a number of TV viewers around the country.

Did we really need to see the gruesome footage of Gadhafi’s body on TV — along with the photos? This is where the debate rages between squelching the concerns of the skeptical and preserving common decency.

Granted, it’s hard to completely blast such networks as CNN and MSNBC for airing the Al-Jazeera video showcasing Gadhafi — their job is to report the news, and this is clearly the biggest news of the day. (In addition, they also aired warnings that the video contained violent footage.)

How do you feel about the way in which Gadhafi’s attack has been covered — is it too violent for TV? or is this something that is culturally-significant to cover — even when it is grisly?

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