‘Survivor: South Pacific’ interview: Elyse Umemoto talks Ozzy’s meltdown

Elyse is gone.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “Survivor, South Pacific,” Elyse Umemoto ended up leaving the game after becoming the newest castaway to lose to Christine at Redemption Island — otherwise known as a place that she has called home since the second episode of the season.

Although she wasn’t shown much on the actual show, Elyse still had plenty to talk about in an exit interview Thursday — including her reaction to Ozzy throwing a fit (and telling everyone about his immunity idol) after her exit from Tribal Council.

Carter: How did you feel about Ozzy getting so upset about your blindside? Were you happy that he cared about you in the game, or were you more like ‘what you are doing?’ when it came to his attitude?

Elyse: I honestly like to believe in the good in people, and that’s probably not one of the good traits to have if you are going in to play ‘Survivor’ … When I was voted off at tribal council, there were two votes for Cochran. I knew one was mine — I wasn’t sure based on handwriting, but I knew [in my heart] the other one was Ozzy. I didn’t doubt it. I knew he had my back and I had his.

Not that it makes me feel good that was upset, but it was nice to know that he was displeased that I was gone. Whether it be for self-serving reasons [like an alliance], or whether it was because ‘this was my buddy and she’s gone.’

Either way, I’m grateful that he showed some emotion, and I don’t think it played into some of the other strategies that are competing against his.

So what was your experience like out on Redemption Island with Christine?

Redemption Island has got to be the loneliest place on the planet. Your head is spinning because you just got hit in the stomach — your tribe voted you out, and you’re not quite sure what happened and you’re trying to get your bearings.

It’s sad to say that you’re out in the south Pacific, this paradise, and you are full of stress. You’re thinking about how the votes went, what you could have done differently, you have a duel coming up, and you have this person from the other tribe that you have to share that space with. There’s a lot of thoughts entering your head.

I was so grateful to share that space with Christine because she is one amazing lady. If I had to pick my win for this season, I’d pick Christine. That woman is strong and smart and persistent. She made my time there … well, it was miserable — but she made it less miserable. She made it tolerable because she was so good-spirited despite all of her dates there.

Now that you’ve been away from the game, why do you think Keith and Whitney did what they did? We all know that a vote for Dawn is pretty much a vote to send you home.

When we stand around the beach and say ‘oh, this is the final five or final four,’ everyone else is thinking ‘oh, I am the final one — who are the final two and three?’ I can absolutely understand where they were coming from, but if it makes me think that if Jim was able to weasel his way into me getting blindsided, why didn’t it occur to me to say ‘hey, Keith and Whitney are a really strong team. Why don’t we split them apart?’ Your head goes in every different direction.

Who are you rooting for out of the remaining castaways?

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