‘Survivor: South Pacific’: who is off target this week?

She has a strategy…

In this week’s look at “Survivor: South Pacific,” we really have an episode that was predictable to the extent that we really could have taken the final half hour off.

With that in mind, the list of winners and losers is also ultimately predictable.


Jim – While it was never really said on the show, Jim is the guy who actually seems to be running the show at the moment on Savaii. and nobody is saying anything on the subject. Even Keith and Whitney as a pair are not as strong as Jim, Cochran, and Dawn.

Edna – While it may seem strange to put here since she’s on the block, this episode was a big win for her. She stayed around when she nearly went home!

Coach – How surprising is it that Coach is dominating this game? In keeping Edna around, the Dragonslayer is proving that everyone on his tribe — including Rick, who hated him before the game started — can be controlled.

Christine – Matt 2.0 keeps on rolling — but she could have a major obstacle coming up in Mikayla next week.


Brandon – Maybe he’s a winner, if for no other reason than that he’s setting himself perfectly to go to the end and lose. But telling everyone to vote you out at Tribal Council if they are not being loyal? Seriously.

Albert – Albert, you thought you had way too much pull on this tribe. Coach will remember the guy fighting to keep Mikayla, and it could come back to bite him in a big way.

Ozzy – Congratulations, Ozzy — you somehow manage to become a worse player every season. First, you declare yourself a “free agent” — and then, you reveal to everyone that you have the immunity idol. He was smart to try and patch things up in the end — but this really was too little and too late.

Mikayla – After another Brandon blowup at camp (and a bad performance hitting some targets), the strongest female on this challenge ended up getting sent home. She’s got a tough challenge waiting for her at Redemption Island in Christine — but she may be the best equipped to actually beat her.

Elyse – Finally, we say goodbye to Elyse this week — a woman who never really had much to do, and we still feel as though we barely know her. Hopefully, we’ll be able to change that in an exit interview tomorrow.

Who are you rooting for now?

Photo: CBS

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