‘The Bachelor’: Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici, and the latest crazy rumor

What's next? -Mrs. Carter: Will the rumors ever really end for Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici?

It’s almost amazing when you think about how desperate at times the media has become as they try to figure out a way in which to break the “Bachelor” couple up. For a while, their primary method of trying to get involved was just by saying that there was some sort of trouble in paradise or that the couple was going to break up, but over time they have shown that this is not going to be the case. Catherine and Sean have traveled together, and appeared happy at just about every turn and step of the way … regardless of whatever nonsense that has been thrown in their direction.

Since none of this has worked for the press in the past, the latest strategy appears to be trying to figure out a way to insinuate that maybe there is some sort of conflict out there when it comes to the family. The hot rumor came recently via tabloid claims that Sean’s parents didn’t like Catherine, and that they were not at the couple’s engagement party in Seattle because they did not get along with the family. One quick reaction to this: Ugh. All of these people seem to qualify for being the nicest ever, so in our mind there was never really any reason to worry.

Even with the obvious fact in mind that this talk was all bogus, Sean’s dad Jay told the Daily Mail that it was event planning that kept them away from Seattle, and that they clearly love Catherine and what she has brought to their family:

“We have hundreds of people involved with getting these three major events under way in preparation for their January wedding. There is a lot of love for this girl. We have embraced her since the day we met her in Thailand. We would never snub her.

“I love the way she loves my son. He has dated a lot of nice women, but Catherine is the best fit. You can see she’s The One. The way that she loves my son makes me happy. She is always hugging on him, she doesn’t hide her feelings.”

One of the other reasons why it is so easy to believe that the Lowe family has a ton to do right now? As you may have heard, Sean’s wedding is going to be televised live. Having a normal wedding is a massive undertaking, but this propels it onto a completely different insane level.

Photo: ABC

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