‘Jersey Shore’: Pauly D slams baby mama, creates hilarious new meaning for ‘DTF’

The latest -Mrs. Carter: Unfortunately, Pauly D is facing more drama now than he ever has on the “Jersey Shore.

This week has been a crazy one for the reality star. After having been away from the public spotlight for most of the past year, it was revealed in the press that he has a secret love child with a woman named Amanda Markert, who he had a brief fling with while he was in Las Vegas working as a DJ. The fact that he is now a father to a gorgeous little baby girl is the good news. The bad? Pretty much everything else. There have already been tabloid stories out there from “sources” about whether or not Pauly originally wanted her to have an abortion, photos with the baby Amabella surrounded by $100 bills, and also now various interviews with her where she is not being particularly kind to him.

Well, did you really think that Pauly was going to be okay with all of that? He’s ready to fight back with some words of his own. In the video (via TMZ), you can see him say that Markert is “100 percent” trying to use him for both fame and money, which she is currently getting both of. There are already some epic battles starting up over child support and custody, with Pauly saying that he especially is interested in the latter:

“I want to take care of the baby, I want to give the baby the best life she ever had. When I [saw] the pictures, it’s the first girl to ever steal my heart… she’s adorable, I love her.”

Ultimately, this is going to get so ugly that even the “Jersey Shore” producers would not want to put it on the air. Pauly clearly wants to take care of the child, but we also have little doubt in the process that he wants to avoid giving Markert money. Meanwhile, she probably also wants him to care for the child, and receive some financial compensation in the process. We don’t know these people and cannot really say who would be the best parent; we just hope that they make some sort of decision with this in mind.

Let’s frame our question to you think way: Based on what you know right now, who do you think is the better person to have primary custody of the child? Be sure to vote in the poll below and share your thoughts with a comment.

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