‘Jersey Shore’s’ Pauly D runs into some baby mama drama, wants custody of child Amabella

The latest -Mrs. Carter: Is Pauly D’s baby drama getting even more intense than a night involving a drunk Sammi and Ronnie on “Jersey Shore“? It’s definitely starting to feel like it.

One day after it was revealed that the reality star / DJ had a secret love child with a woman named Amanda in New Jersey, some new scoop coming out now suggests that he could be fighting for some sort of custody of his little girl. TMZ reports that he and the baby’s mother do not get along for a variety of reasons, and he is worried about her capacity to be a good mother for the child long-term given that she used to work for Hooters (which is really not so bad given everything else that happens on the Jersey Shore), and that she has another child already to care for, despite being under the age of 25. There has also been a photo circulating as of late featuring the child surrounded by what looks to be $100 bills suggesting that she thinks of her child as a money grab more so then anything else.

In Touch Weekly was the first to report today that the child’s name is Amabella, which is definitely one of the more unusual ones that we have heard coming from this series (Snooki’s son is named Lorenzo which is fairly common). Then again, it’s also hardly the strangest name that we have ever heard.

Anyway, we imagine that this is going to be a pretty nasty battle over the next several months given that Pauly may feel slighted that he missed out on many important moments in the child’s life already, and he also has to be irked with the idea of a photo that suggests his daughter is some sort of cash-grab from a famous person (even if it is apparently supposed to be a joke… a completely tasteless joke). Meanwhile, this Amanda person has to feel like she is a good mother given that she has raised the child on her own so far and has raised another child as well. It’s not surprising that she would be asking for some sort of child support, but we fear that it will be a completely astronomical and unreasonable number because of Pauly D’s worth. Pauly is promising to be there for the kid financially, but he’d surely love to have a substantial amount of time to spend with his daughter too. While he may seem like someone who isn’t all that responsible after watching him on “Jersey Shore” the truth of the matter is that he is a fairly savvy business man and if he was really that irresponsible he wouldn’t be nearly as successful in his ventures outside of the shore house as he is. Also, who else is going to teach little Amabella how to keep her sneakers clean, stay away from boys like him, and have the perfect blow out?

What do you think about this latest round of drama, and do you think that Pauly is in the right to try and fight for some sort of custody?

Photo: MTV

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