Kanye West to decide if Kim Kardashian proposal shown on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’

Keeping up with the KardashiansMrs. Carter: Are you going to get the opportunity to see Kanye West propose to Kim Kardashian on TV?

While we can sit around all day and argue as to whether or not watching this wedding proposal is something we really want to do, there will be some of you out there who will find following story to be of interest. According to TMZ, there were cameras present at the big proposal that Kanye set up in San Francisco on Monday, and they captured every big moment as he got down on one knee and popped the question to Kim. If nothing else, this footage will allow Kanye and Kim to keep this as a memory for a life time… or at least however long they manage to stay together.

However, a source at the proposal claims that the decision as to whether or not the proposal ever makes it to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or some other random special on E! is completely in Kanye’s court. He has final say over every little decision that comes down in regards to his romantic life, which is something that we’re sure he enjoys as an entertainment mogul in his own right. But, we’re positive that this move is one that will drive E! executives completely crazy as they will clearly want to make this happen on TV. It’s reality gold with a side of “awwww”.

With this news, we hope to quit while we’re ahead here with the Kardashian engagement coverage, mostly because we have a good idea just how it is going to go over the next several weeks. Here’s a warning now: If you want to avoid a near-constant stream of it, don’t turn on any of the entertainment news magazines. Also, don’t go to any gossip sites, since in around three days they will tell you that someone is cheating / doing drugs / spreading nasty rumors and the two are going to call off the wedding before it even happens.

While we would not be shocked to see the proposal eventually shown on TV, we would be surprised if there ends up being another wedding special like Kim had with Kris Humphries had. It took a lot to get people interested in it this past time, and while we’re sure that Kanye would want to show up to the affair in one of those floating cars from “The Jetsons” (one of his favorite shows), even that would not make us want to watch.

Photo: E!

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