Justin Bieber’s Chilean hotel mobbed by fans (video)

He’s currently on tour.

If you want any sort of evidence of just how popular Justin Bieber truly is in Chile, you really don’t have to look any further than the video below. You can literally see hundreds of teenage girls waiting (and screaming) outside the 17-year old’s hotel — but the ironic part of all this is that he hadn’t even arrived yet at the time this video was taken.

While this is certainly a nice sign of support for Bieber, it obviously does also signal a major security risk — as does some of the paparazzi that is following him around. In a new post on Twitter, Justin actually gave one of the most realistic takes on celebrity photographers that we have heard:

“dear paps…i walk by you very calm and then some of u decide to kick and punch the car we are in….show respect you get respect in life.┬ásome paps are real cool and chill. i dont feel crazy talking to them. it is cool. acting like a maniac…yeah i love talking with u. really?”

Bieber does seem to understand one thing here that many celebrities choose to ignore — that members of the paparazzi are merely just trying to earn a living, and he’s not going to automatically disrespect them for what they do. However, some of them still do manage to cross the line.

Photo: Adam Sundana

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