‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 3 preview: Vincent and Cat’s dance session

The latest -Are we about to see the nicest interrogation ever on “Beauty and the Beast” Monday night? That is at least our guess, based on the sneak peek video from Monday night’s all-new episode.

In this video, you can see what Cat will go through to find a way to get Vincent in a place where she can not only talk to him, but press to a certain extent on just what he may be up to. She finally is in a position this time where she has leverage; she knows that there is no way that Vincent can really attack her given that they are in a public place, and him starting to lose his cool on her would be very, very bad. As powerful as he may be, he’s not a superhero with the power to take down a room full of people at the same time. She’s got people all around her with tranquilizer darts just in case, and the real lesson here for us is just that she has learned from what happened at the end of last week. (Therefore, we won’t be yelling at our TV in frustration when she sets herself up to be in trouble again.)

Unfortunately, the problem that we are sensing here is that while it may be Cat’s job to find out information from him, Vincent may still not be willing to give it up. He’s just not particularly threatened by her, even in this situation. The more interesting solution that we see here is if he gives her a little bit of information, but not enough to stop or complicate his own self-interest.

All of this basically amounts to what should hopefully be a great episode, and one with a few shockers littered all across the board. We know now that there are some more beasts out there, and we are just waiting to meet them and see what happens next.

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Photo: The CW, video via SpoilerTV

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