‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Stacey Powell interview — with a Jeff Probst cameo!

Stacey’s out.

We have quite the interesting treat for “Survivor: South Pacific” readers this week — not only did we get to do our traditional conference call with the eliminated contestant (Stacey Powell), but Jeff Probst also dropped by for a few minutes to say “hello” and get a bit of feedback about the experiment he has going on over at TOUT. (Ironically, this came just about an hour and a half after we wrote about him doing this for the course of the day.)

So before we get to Stacey, we were able to ask Jeff a brief question about why he thinks Cochran is still in this game after dodging three bullets. His response gave us some pretty cool insight:

“Cochran’s still there because he hasn’t been voted out — that’s not a lippy answer; that’s the key to the game. Boston Rob popped by last night to say ‘hi’ — one of the few guys that I’m friends with from the show — and he was talking about it. You just have to be aware at all times [that] it could be you, but not let anyone know you’re panicking.

“Cochran, he’s kind of dangerous if you let him get too deep — he’s such a fish out of water, and if he got to the end I think he could make a pretty compelling argument that ‘I’m the guy with the albino skin, and I’m here at the final; I think that’s worth something.'”

Now, we turn to Stacey — who along with Papa Bear, is another great character that we lost a bit too early.

Carter: Since we didn’t see much of it, how was your time on Redemption Island?

It was a bittersweet moment. I hated for her to see me come in, but I couldn’t do nothing but love on her. I was excited to see her … we sat [down, and] if we would have had margaritas we would have been drinking margaritas. Instead we were drinking coconuts. We were just talking about everything — ‘let me tell you what’s going on.’

Do you think this game would have been different for you if you were on Ozzy’s tribe?

I will say that this — not even Ozzy’s tribe, but what if Ozzy was over there with us? I think that if [he and Coach] were reversed, it would have been even better.

Is the only reason Edna’s still there because she’s tied to Coach?

She is [tied to him], and she was just like a child hanging on to her mama’s coattails — ‘oh, do you need me to … oh, okay!’ She’ll do anything. [He would say] ‘hey, come here,’ and she’d do it. She was just a number. Numbers are good, don’t get me wrong, but she was just there.

Since there have been so many people who want a season with pre-jury contestants facing off, would you do this again if you were asked?

I would be there faster than the roadrunner — ‘beep beep!’ I would be there very quick.

Stay tuned — we’ll have more coverage throughout the week.

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