‘Survivor: South Pacific’: Jeff Probst puts entire day on video site

The next experiment.

Just one day after the latest episode of “Survivor” aired, the show’s host has decided to embark on a rather interesting experiment using the same sort of technology that he has used while live-tweeting his own show for this entire season.

If you go over to Jeff Probst’s page on TOUT, you will see that he is literally recording every activity of his day for everyone to see. It’s a bit like a real-life “Truman Show,” and it’s a concept that we have seen before in a number of venues. However, there are not too many occasions we can think of where someone has used social media and bite-sized videos to document their day in real-time — in particular someone who is as high-profile as Jeff Probst is.

As for why Jeff is doing this, he posted a series of messages on his Twitter page about the matter:

“I’m going to TOUT live all day. 15 second increments. How much of me can you stand? You’ll get notifications at twitter. It might drive you nuts because it will be quite a few tomorrow. so bear with me. It is an experiment in producing our own content, distributing it, and having our own conversation without any interference. i’ll start in the morning and just do my day. Nothing big or exciting planned. Just a normal day. Video will upload probably 2x per minute.”

Do you think that this is a cool thing for Jeff to do, or is this just too much content for you to handle?

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