‘Survivor: South Pacific’: an idol discovery — and a major shocker

Coach had quite a week.

There were some major moves made during this episode of “Survivor: South Pacific,” and with that we have a rather new list of winners and losers. (We also had one of the most disgusting challenges ever that consisted of people literally pulling meat out of other people’s mouths.)

The winners

Coach – What an episode this was for the Dragonslayer. After he started off in a frustrating situation thanks to some people at Redemption refusing to call him by his nickname (and rather “Benjamin”), he ended up using the hidden immunity idol clue provided by Albert to get the idol for himself. He could use it to help his tribe … but he is in control of this game.

Christine – She won another duel! Christine is quickly becoming the Matt of this season, and it is looking feasible at the moment that she could win her way back into this game.

Brandon – For the first time all season, we really have to give Russell’s nephew credit — he was a good team player this week, cooked for the tribe, and even did plenty of work in the challenge.

Coachran – Our self-proclaimed nerd scored a major victory this week. Somehow, he managed yet again to to find himself staying thanks to a bold move to get rid of Elyse.

The losers

Stacey – Unfortunately, we lost a memorable character this week. Stacey was fun, a hard worker, and she also showed at Redemption Island that she has quite a knack for speaking her mind. These sort of people are gold in this game … but she fell out with the wrong people.

Albert – Yes, his alliance got an immunity idol — but why on earth do you let someone else have a chance to find an idol? You know that Coach is going to be thinking for himself first and foremost — and he should be.

Keith and Whitney – What a silly move for these two to make this week. While they may think they are being “nice” to Ozzy in not voting for Elyse, voting for someone else is the same thing. Ask Coach for an example of this when Boston Rob went home in “Heroes vs. Villains.”

Ozzy – With Elyse gone, Ozzy no longer has much power — and judging from the preview for next week’s episode, he’s going to be a loner for some time.

Elyse – Did she really contribute much to the game? If she did, we didn’t see it. While the Savaii 5 alliance may regret this move, it certainly makes the game more interesting — and we some memorable people staying around a bit longer because of it.

Who do you think was the biggest winner from this episode? Check back Thursday for an interview with Stacey!

Photo: CBS

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