Exclusive: Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling talks comedy, radio show

Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling

Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling was a staple on the Howard Stern Show for years, but since leaving the program his career has taken off.  The comedian has not only landed his very own radio show on Sirius radio called ‘Jackie’s Joke Hunt’, Martling has also been taking on a few acting roles as well as performing stand up to sold out shows all over the country.

We recently had a chance to chat with Jackie about his radio program, JokeTober, and his very exciting return to the New York comedy stage.

What makes JokeTober different than Jackie’s Joke Hunt – and what kind of entertainment can we expect?

Jackie: Jackie’s Joke Hunt is a one-hour show featuring me & my partner, Ian “McKean” Karr, and whatever guests we have that night, very roughly (if at all) following a theme for the night and all of us telling jokes about it, asking the listeners short jokes to be answered the following week, and giving the answers to the short jokes from the previous week. We do silly news items, read funny e-mails and take calls from people all over who tell us jokes & ask us questions & try to Stump me with a joke. And coming back from commercials we play a bit of pre-recorded stuff from my Oglio CD’s. JokeTober is two hours of just me, playing many cuts from my six CD’s and taking lots of calls from people from all over telling me jokes & asking questions & trying to Stump me with a joke. I play a lot of pre-recorded jokes, and I get to stretch out a bit and answer their questions a bit more in-depth, throwing is a story here and there. Still basically a show overloaded with jokes. I love doing both shows. Anybody who likes jokes will love both shows. JokeTober is just the tiniest bit joke-heavier.  If you like jokes, you’ll love these shows. If you don’t like jokes, you may very well slash your wrists.

Have you found over time that humor has changed in any way – at least when it comes to the way audiences have responded to it?

Jackie: My humor … jokes … and my audiences have never changed … not for hundreds of years. Lots and lots of people love dirty jokes. They love to hear them and they love to tell them. I’m the conduit that delivers them and keeps the transition flowing. These same type people have been doing it for centuries. And will continue to do so. Me, only for another century or so.

What excites you the most about being on the radio after so many decades?

Jackie: The kick of radio is the immediacy and the intimacy. It’s just you and the listener(s). Radio is different than film, TV, stage, books … the “live” one-on-one of the person on the radio with his listeners is always, always exciting. For the performer and for the listener. We’re in a small room together. Close. And it’s very hard for someone to hit you.

What makes performing at the Broadway Comedy Club special compared to some other clubs around the country and tell us a bit about the show you have coming up on October 13.

Jackie:Broadway Comedy Club is very special because I haven’t performed in New York City in two years, and back then I was performing “JokeLand On Broadway,” my one-man show.
On October 13th I’ll be doing my regular show, which that night will start with an opener and then me doing an hour of jokes, and then a hearty round of “Stump The Joke Man,” where people try to stump me with a joke I haven’t heard, to win tee shirts & CD’s & DVD’s & books, etc.
“Stump The Joke Man” in always great fun, always unpredictable. There’s an hour-long DVD of “Stump The Joke Man” packaged with the CD in my newest Oglio CD, “snart,” My good pal Jamie Rosen is opening the show. She’s beautiful and very funny. I just met and became good pals with Al Martin, who owns Broadway Comedy Club, and we have big plans to make me a constant presence at the club. The club has three performance rooms, and I have my sites set on one of them becoming a kind of NYC Home Base for me. I guess it’ll be JokeLand In The Big Apple. Please stay tuned.”

If you are in the New York area on October 13th, make sure to stop by the Broadway Comedy Club at 9 p.m. to catch Jackie’s performance and don’t forget you can always listen to ‘Jackie’s Joke Hunt’ every Tuesday between 7 and 8 p.m. EST on channel Howard 101 on Sirius XM.  Keep up to date with Jackie through his official website www.Jokeland.com.

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