‘Survivor: South Pacific’: what sort of blindside is coming?

Who could be in trouble?

While we don’t have a video this week to use as a preview for “Survivor: South Pacific,” there is still plenty to discuss.

We have an official synopsis of Wednesday’s episode “Taste the Victory” from CBS, and it suggests more than what we have already seen in the previews:

“Starving castaways tap into their primal instincts at an intense Immunity Challenge, and a big betrayal shakes up the game at a surprising Tribal Council. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island a scorned castaway seeks revenge by spilling all the secrets of their former tribe, and the third castaway is sent home.”

Based on this, here are some obvious assumptions we can make:

-Considering that both castaways on Redemption Island at the moment are Upolo, Coach’s tribe is in some trouble when it comes to these “secrets.” Jeff Probst also said on Twitter that the Dragonslayer does something major this week, and it probably is connected to everyone running around calling him by his real name ”

-The immunity challenge is going to be the gross meat-ending task, something we have no seen since “The Amazon.”

As for Tribal Council, it’s too early to tell which tribe could be heading there — but the major candidates to be sent to Redemption include the following people:

-Edna (due to her being a weaker player)

-Mikayla (due to Brandon hating her irrationally)

-Brandon (due to him being crazy)

-Cochran (due to him being both weak and in a minority alliance)

-Elyse (due to her being a target of a Jim / Cochran / Dawn alliance)

Out of the five, Elyse and Brandon certainly have the potential to be the biggest blindsides. Who do you want to see go home?

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