Apple logo featuring Steve Jobs’ silhouette becomes viral sensation

Jonathan’s image is now huge.

Just how popular is Jonathan Mak Long’s rendering of the Apple logo with Steve Jobs’ silhouette used in place of the bite mark? Not only are some celebrities (including Ashton Kutcher) using the image as an avatar on their Twitter accounts, but it has spread to become one of the most popular viral images since the Barack Obama “Hope” poster back in 2008.

What may actually come as a bit more of a surprise, meanwhile, is that this image was actually created in August when Jobs resigned as CEO of the company, and Long saw it rise in popularity shortly after he posted it again on his Tumblr page following his tragic passing on Wednesday.

Speaking to Yahoo! about why he made this image as he did, Long’s answer was simple:

“I wanted to commemorate him. He’s such an integral part of Apple. I thought it would be fitting to include him in the Apple logo.¬†With Jobs gone, Apple is literally missing a piece.”

Steve was remembered in a private memorial service on Friday. How special do you think this image is?

Photo: Jonathan Mak Long

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