‘The Simpsons’ will have 25 seasons — is this the end?

Staying around!

The Simpsons” has long been a staple of pop culture — anyone who was born after 1980 grew up with the show, and may very well know most of the characters and have a list of favorite episodes somewhere on their computer.

So with the news in mind that Fox has renewed the landmark show for its 24th and 25th season, we have to start wondering as to whether the show has much life left in it. The cast has agreed to pay cuts (which is almost unheard of in this day and age), and it’s hard to even think of episodes that the show has not done already. (The 500th installment is set to air in early 2011.)

“Simpsons” purists will probably argue that the show lost momentum over ten years ago, but every now and then there is still a gem that comes in there and somehow manages to wow just about everyone.

Are you going to miss this show if it ends after the 25th season in spring 2014?

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