‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 5: Will Daniela Ruah’s real-life pregnancy change Kensi’s story

Big news -Mrs. Carter: Is there a baby on the way for Kensi on “NCIS: Los Angeles”?

We can answer that question with just a few short words: Don’t count on it. While there are at times occasions when the star of a show’s real-life circumstances are transferred over to their character, there is not going to be a situation this year on the CBS hit where we see Daniela Ruah’s real-life pregnancy (with Eric Christian Olsen’s brother, no less) bleed over to the show itself. This is a question that some other actors, including Heather Morris on “Glee” and Jaime King on “Hart of Dixie,” have also faced, and they chose to handle them in basically the same exact way. The way to get around that is pretty easy: Camera angles!

Speaking about this subject to TVLine, we don’t really think that series creator Shane Brennan could have been more blunt and upfront about it if he tried while explaining the decision to not include the pregnancy:

“I will definitely and utterly and totally rule that out. The pregnancy does not play into their storyline at all. Let’s put that thought/rumor/suggestion to rest.”

So there you have it: Fans of Deeks and Kensi can potentially breathe a sigh of relief that the relationship is not going to go from 0 to 60 in a split second, and there will be more time for the “will they or won’t they?” storyline that is the fabric of this and so many other shows under the sun.

Brennan says that there are some stunning developments ahead for both parties, but there is one subject that he is continuing to stay rather quiet on for the time being: If there will be an absence for the Kensi character at the end of this season. We would presume so based on timing, and it’s something that could extend over to a potential season 6 depending on the time of the maternity leave.

So for the time being, just enjoy the ride for these two. Hopefully they’ll have some more twists and turns that you won’t see coming, and there will be some progression that goes a little faster than Tony and Ziva did on “NCIS” proper. We’ve already got a rough example now of what happens when you push a relationship forward far too quickly.

Click here if you want to grab a tease of what lies ahead for “NCIS: Los Angeles,” including a promo for the 100th episode on Tuesday.

Photo: CBS

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