ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 3 video: Victoria brings Aiden out in the open

The latest -There was only so long that you were going to be able to keep this unlikely partnership hidden. After Aiden and Victoria started working together on “Revenge” season 3 earlier this season, it was pretty easy to start to formulate one simple thought: This is going to be trouble, and of the worst possible variety for Emily Thorne. Now, we’re about to get some more specifics on this latest dastardly plan that is basically the Grayson family version of tying someone to the railroad tracks: Bringing an unwelcome guest to the party.

In the video below from Sunday night’s all-new episode “Confession,” you can see what happens when Victoria makes the decision for whatever reason that she is going to bring none other than Aiden, still reeling from last season and ready to wreck havoc, to the party… much to the massive chagrin of Daniel. He confronts her about it almost right away, and she responds with a comment that is definitely dastardly in so many different ways: She all of a sudden doesn’t think that Aiden tried to ruin the family at all.

Basically, Victoria’s strategy here seems to be to act like a crazy person, and hope that Daniel is either so naive that he buys it, or that he just eventually decides that he wants to give up and not have to deal with the trouble of listening to her. The only thing that he has going for him at this point is Emily, who is masterful at being a step ahead of most everyone else the vast majority of the time. Suffice it to say, she is going to be none too pleased at seeing Aiden enter both the party and the picture again.

There are plenty of other problems coming up for Emily on “Revenge” season 3, as well. Want to find out more? Then just click here, where you can read some more news about a new character coming in as a potential rival.

Photo: ABC, video via TVLine, video player via SpoilerTV

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