‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: How Cote de Pablo’s successor Bishop will get involved

More news -While the next couple of weeks on “NCIS” season 11 are going to be a little crazy with the arrival and exit of some various characters, eventually the show is looking to settle with a new successor (but not a technical replacement) to Cote de Pablo’s character of Ziva. For the time being, that person seems to be Emily Wickersham’s Bishop, who has the mountain-sized task in front of her in trying to appeal to fans who have spent nearly a decade rooting for Ziva and are not exactly thrilled that she’s gone.

It’s hard to sit here and say how viewers will react to her part on the show, but what we can at least say is that she is not going to take an incredibly-long time to get involved with what is happening within the NCIS officers, especially when it comes to the supposed Big Bad for the year in Benham Parsa. For some more on that very subject, just take a look at what executive producer Gary Glasberg said recently as a part of a new chat with TV Guide:

“He is a new face that we haven’t seen before and has a new approach to things. Bishop will actually have a strong view and position on [Parsa]. She’ll be bringing something extra to the table.”

While we’re glad that Bishop will have a role from an investigative standpoint, what she is really going to have to do here is find a way to stand out as a character. Basically, Glasberg and company needs to follow the mold that they established this past week with Vera: Find someone who is very different from Ziva who will hopefully not be a walking reminder that she is gone every step of the way. Plus, this could help in the event that she does return someday for a spot so that there aren’t two of the same character running around or having the same sort of relationships with the characters. It sounds like they are giving Bishop her own voice, and she will interact with the group in a way that’s very different.

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