‘Dragon’s Den’ review: Mobile Juice Factory, Remay, BinPak, K-9 Choice Dog Food, Pee Cone

Dragon's Den -Dragon’s Den” fans, assemble! We’re back to review the second episode of the eighth season, which contained a mixture of really good products that will help Canada, and ones whose sole creation probably would make Canadians cry. There were deals made, people disappointed, and Kevin O’Leary wondering what sound a raccoon makes in a trash compactor. (What is it with Kevin and all of the bizarre animal questions?

As we do with all of our “Shark Tank” and “Dragon’s Den” reviews, you can click on any of the product names below to visit their official website (that is, if they even have one). Our opinions are based mostly on a consumer perspective, and what we think makes logical business sense.

Archives of Human Prodigies – What a weird, bizarre idea this was to have a book series on sideshow acts. We think that the execution here is all wrong; rather than make it necessarily historically-accurate, you could market something like this for kids by showing a community of strong men and sword swallowers who were more progressive and embraced who they are and loved each other. Emphasizing the “freak” part of it is a bad move since it caters to a very niche crowd, and you’d only sell about 500 books.

Pee Cone – When you think about it, guys don’t really want to go through a ton of trouble when they are going #1. The only real solution to the problem being discussed here is to actually get the man to actually pay attention to what he’s doing. If you’re drunk, you’re going to have a mess either way. We understand that guys being “messy” is a problem, but there’s no real solution to it that a man will actually use.

K-9 Choice Premium Dog Foods – There’s not much to say here, except for the fact that it’s dog food, and that Kevin O’Leary wants to know how to kill a llama. Jim Treviling started off what was a big night for him by scoring the product, whose claim to fame is all-natural food made with his own livestock, also with fruits and vegetables.

BinPak – David Chilton and Bruce Croxon scored with what is basically a more refined way to compact your garbage. The price of this seems rather high, so you’re looking at the high-end crowd here who don’t want to waste much space on dumpsters. In the end, we like the idea and the technology, though the price tag is rather high to buy them.

Remay – It’s a bar that you use rather than shaving cream! In theory, it looks like a good idea, but does it work well in practice? That is something that will take due diligence to actually find out. For now, Jim and Arlene Dickinson are on board. If this actually creates a precise shave with no irritation, this is something that we could see lots of people interested in picking up if the packaging isn’t quite so awful.

Speak for Success – We don’t really know what this was, save for maybe some baffling idea from a career entrepreneur about how to speak proper English. While he was good at that, there was almost no meaning or understanding behind what he was saying.

Mobile Juice Factory – This turned out to be quite an impressive episode for Jim, who also scored the final product of the night: Something that actually could fill a need for many everyday people. While we still see this as something that could be better off on a leasing basis, using a product like this both to reduce waste and also increase your own business’ capital is something that almost any major orchard out there would want. While the market is limited, it’s valuable to them and good for the environment. No surprise that Jim wants a piece of it.

Are there any products featured tonight that you would want to pick up? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, be sure to head on over to the link here if you want to see some other highlights from this season.

Photo: CBC

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