Cher Lloyd’s ‘With Ur Love’ music video — worth loving?

Here’s the video!

For the past several months, Cher Lloyd has been pounced on by pretty much every cynical critic in America. “Swagger Jagger” was mocked routinely, and some people decided to stick their noses into the air and say that this “X Factor” sensation was some kind of cruel joke. Then, “Jagger” (which we actually thought was pretty fun so long as you don’t take it too seriously) went #1 in the United Kingdom — and Cher came out with a follow-up that is an even better song than the first.

Now, we are pleased to present the music video for “With Ur Love” — which can be best described a balloon frolic through the streets by Cher with some pals that basically look like teen girl entourage. It’s a fun age-appropriate video for the song, and in many ways it reinforces the songs strengths and weaknesses — the versus are some of the best we’ve heard in a pop ballad in a while, but the chorus ultimately feels a bit repetitive. Meanwhile, the song would probably be better as a whole without Mike Posner in the middle of it (Do we really need a random collaboration in every pop hit these days?)

Overall, “With Ur Love” should be a song that brings back many of the people who decided to hate on “Swagger Jagger” just because it was trendy — even some of the haters are soon going to have to admit that Cher Lloyd may end up becoming one of the biggest reality-show pop stars around the world (and this is without even winning).

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