‘Survivor: South Pacific’: winners, losers, and two words from Coach

Is there a winner?

Is it just us, or could “stop it” at the top of your lungs suddenly became a massive internet meme? We’ve never been more excited for Coach than on “Survivor: South Pacific” Wednesday night, when he literally tore Brandon Hantz a new one for getting suspicious that Stacey — the same woman who wants to stay in this game and has her back against the wall — tried to tell him that Sophie, Albert, and Mikayla were mounting some sort of offensive. (Crazy, and not necessarily true.)

With this amazing comment in mind, we’d like to proclaim Coach a “winner” from this week … but the posts below tell the true tale.

The winners

Cochran – Could this guy literally win this game? While he’s still in trouble, getting both Jim and Dawn on his side for a potential Elyse blindside is a huge move — one that could have major ramifications if they can pull it off with some help moving forward.

Jim – Granted, you also have to give Jim credit for approaching Cochran about it to begin with. while Ozzy may be annoyed by him strategizing so much, he’s still not the #1 target for anyone … and there’s only been a few excepts where someone has sat around and down nothing and won a million bucks (which is why to this point Rick and Whitney have no chance).

Mikayla – Brandon apologized to her this week, which could finally mean that she has a legitimate shot at staying around a little while. The other positive is that for now, Edna seems more like the weakest link.

Christine – She won her second straight duel! Is Christine the new Matt?

The losers

Ozzy and Coach – This was not a good week for either returning player. Both Coach and Ozzy faced some friction in their alliances courtesy of Jim and Brandon, and it could put both of them in jeopardy moving forward. (The biggest shocker? No one has even voted against Coach yet.)

Jeff Probst – The awkward “Rick, what annoys you the most about Albert?” question is something we all must forget about … fast.

Elyse – She has done absolutely nothing so far this season, and may soon be remembered for getting out because of it. Hanging out with Ozzy is not a strategy alone … ask Natalie from last season.

Stacey – This was a sad one. Stacey was a great character, and she’s someone that should be allowed to stay on TV for a while. Unfortunately, she’s going up against a tough competitor in Christine who already has two Redemption Island wins under her best. (They’re also good friends.) For the sake of entertainment, let’s hope she stays.

A winner and a loser

Brandon – If Brandon’s goal is to be the new Phillip, make a tone of enemies, get dragged to the end, and place second … well, he’s doing an amazing job. Nobody may trust him, but there’s no way in the world anyone will ever vote for this new (and crazy) addition to the Hantz family.

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