‘Survivor’: season 24 to be ‘Survivor: One World,’ contains major twist

No longer the most generic title.

If you want to know some rather fascinating details about the upcoming season of “Survivor,” then stick around for a while — otherwise, this may be the best time to duck away and look in a different direction. (Don’t worry — we are not planning to post any boot spoilers, and we never will since we like to have the game element be a surprise.)

Anyway, a new thread on message board Survivor Sucks (well-known to pretty much any show fan out there) has some interesting answers. Poster “castaway208” (who seems to have some credibility considering some evidence out on the internet — along with the fact that Reality Blurred has also published this post) has posted the following bits of information about the upcoming 24th season to air in the spring:

-There are no returning players this time.

-The show will be entitled “Survivor: One World,” and will feature two tribes living on one beach for the first time.

-In order to keep this from getting confusing, the tribes will be divided up in men vs. women (which has been done on a few occasions in the past).

-There’s still no word on the return of Redemption Island, otherwise known as the twist many of us were excited for before it actually happened.

-Originally this was going to be the long-awaited “Second Chance” season featuring people who left the game early, but it was scrapped at the last minute.

On the surface, this seems like a fantastic idea — we have seen tribes live together briefly in the past (see the fake merge in “Thailand”), but having it happen for a long period of time could make the pre-merge game far more interesting if it works out. (Like anything else, this is a risk.)

Do you think that this twist could be interesting to watch?

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