Orlando Bloom admits he took himself too seriously

Orlando is a good boy now

When you are one of the biggest hunks in Hollywood, it would seem that it could be very easy to get caught up in yourself and that exactly what happened to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor Orlando Bloom.

Bloom admitted that when he was younger he got caught up in the glamor of being a celebrity and was easily enticed into some of the things Hollywood has to offer young stars.  He said; “At one point or another over a ten-year period I probably was guilty of taking myself a little bit too seriously.  And that is a recipe for disaster. But there are so many minefields and bullets to dodge: women, [substance abuse], gambling, [drinking], whatever you want.”

The actor admitted that he fell victim to some of the vices that are often made available to young stars.  He said; “Yes of course – are you kidding me? Who the [heck] wouldn’t? When there are so many options you work your way through some of them, don’t you? I’ve over-indulged many times, at different times.”

Now that Bloom is married to Miranda Kerr and he has a young son, he has settle down and says that his family and friends have helped to keep him grounded.  He said; “I’m a guy’s guy, a people person. I like to hang out with real people — I’m not in a golden cage. I hate being put on a pedestal because it’s a long way to fall. People start doing that to you – it often happened, at different times, and I would think, ‘Please don’t do that, please don’t think that I’m all that.’ I’m just like everybody else.”

Photo: Caroline Bonarde Ucci

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