Dancing With The Stars: Chaz Bono gets help from Cher

Chaz is getting some help from Cher

One of the more controversial contestants on the hit reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ this season is Chaz Bono, and while he has been battling some haters that have been bashing him being on the show, he has proven to be one of the more popular contestants.

Unfortunately Chaz is not in top physical condition so some fans have been worried that he may not be able to keep up with the brutal rehearsals and numerous dance routines that he has to learn to keep up with the rest of the cast.

Luckily his biggest supporter, his mother Cher, has sent her son a team of physical therapists to help him with the physical pain he has been experiencing in his knees.  Chaz said; “Yeah, she’s been helping out and has been sending some of the people who work on her when she’s dancing and doing her shows. Things get blown out of proportion. I didn’t have an injury or a tear or a rip or a break or anything. It’s just literally I’m a 42-year-old guy who’s overweight and who went from not dancing to dancing hours a day. My doctor doesn’t seem terribly worried. They’re [knees] feeling pretty good right now. Nothing’s wrong with them. I’ve been icing them and massaging, a little physical therapy.”

Although Cher has shown her son incredible support through Twitter and text messages, she still hasn’t been in the audience of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to cheer him on.  Chaz said; “You know, that’s up to her. It doesn’t have a lot to do with me. She does her own thing, she watches. As soon as the show’s over, I get pages and pages of texts from her. It’s crazy. She’s voting too. Everybody’s voting! We’ve got so many people voting, it’s just great.”

Have you been rooting for Chaz to win ‘Dancing with the Stars’?  Who is your favorite?  Leave us a comment and tell us who you think is going to take home the mirror ball trophy this season.

Photo: ABC

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