‘Trophy Wife’ premiere review: Malin Akerman shines, but what about a show?

Take a look -ABC is clearly a network down for trying some new things when it comes to comedy, and on the surface, “Trophy Wife” reminds us in some ways of “Cougar Town.” It has an edgy title that will hook you right away, and it is a show that in some ways is every centered around exes.

However, for the time being we have to say that it is not at a “Cougar Town” level when it comes to being funny. There is still a little bit of work here to be done when it comes to balancing out the cast and bring in the funny. The pilot had some really funny moments, including an appearance from Phyllis from “The Office” and a very creepy fantasy from a teenage boy, but it also had a couple of problems thrown in there as well that made it feel a little bit like a pilot by numbers. There was a conflict, some nasty characters, and a resolution to it.

The one major positive that this show has going for it? Malin Akerman’s Kate. She is not necessarily a comedienne, but she has a great sense of physical comedy and is likable as a woman who suddenly is thrown into a huge family with ex-wives that she has to deal with who treat her like a child. The rest of the cast is solid, and at least the kids are pretty entertaining. This is the really big sell for any family comedy; bad kids is more or less a death sentence, and this is what has made shows like “Modern Family” and “The Middle” successful.

So while we think “Trophy Wife” has potential, it’s going to need to stabilize quickly. There are a ton of family comedies on TV this year, and viewers could tire of it quickly. The biggest thing it has going for it? Airing after “The Voice” and “The Goldbergs.”

What do you think about this pilot? Just be sure to share your thoughts below!

Photo: Fox

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