Avril Lavigne slams pregnancy rumors

Avril is not pregnant

Reports that punk singer Avril Lavigne was pregnant surfaced the other day when she was photographed wearing a bulky poncho, because obviously if she’s covering up it’s because she’s pregnant and not because she might be cold or something.

When Avril learned about the media ‘pregnancy’ frenzy behind the photograph she said that she was “insulted” by their immediate assumptions that she must be pregnant. Lavigne cleared the air behind the pregnancy rumors and said that it’s absolutely not true.  She said; “Oh my god, that was yesterday! I was out getting my nails done with my girlfriend and I had a poncho on. There was a whole thing online that I was pregnant. I’m like, ‘ How insulting! So no, I’m not. Obviously!”

Here’s a good piece of advice to anyone that has ever insinuated, asked or implied that a woman is pregnant; if she is pregnant she will tell you, so don’t open your mouth.

Photo: Jose Garcia

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