‘Survivor: South Pacific’ video: Jim Rice stirs the pot

A mastermind?

Now, let us take a moment to thank the “Survivor” gods for Jim Rice. After Wednesday’s episode of “South Pacific” made it appear as though we were going to be bored into watching some five-person alliances slowly chip away at the other castaways, the show’s favorite (and only) “herb dispenser” is going to make things somewhat interesting.

In a video to the left, you see Jim making a deal with Cochran of all people. Why would he do this? The answer is simple — he could see himself as the third wheel with Ozzy and Keith, and thanks to Elyse and Whitney he could be ranked even lower than that. It’s best to keep your options open in this game, and he’s smart to be thinking about an Ozzy blindside already. After all, Ozzy is coasting at the moment — and he could repeat Boston Rob’s win if he is allowed to do so.

Elsewhere this coming week, it looks like Brandon Hantz is going to continue to create all sorts of maddening paranoia — which leads us to ask the question if Coach will finally decide to cut the guy loose from the game. While he seems loyal to him, at the same time he is an enormous liability to the tribe’s social standing. At the moment Stacey and Mikayla seem like the two obvious people on the block, but we all know this can change.

The best part about this episode? Based on everything we have seen, we could be in for a rather unpredictable boot this week — and who knows? Maybe some of the show’s ghosts (Albert and Whitney) will actually be able to contribute in some way.

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