‘Survivor: South Pacific’: the Semhar Tadesse interview

Semhar left Wednesday night.

On “Survivor: South Pacific,” Semhar Tedesse is a prime example of a good character gone too soon. She was an incredibly interesting slam poet with a big personality, but her inability to keep going in the first immunity challenge cost her a chance at staying around on Savaii. Then, losing to Christine at Redemption Island sealed her fate for good.

For our first interview of the season, we spoke with Semhar on Thursday briefly about her time on the show:

Carter: Before your elimination, we saw Ozzy coming to your defense when it came to keeping you around. How much of that was happening, or was that more editing?

Semhar: I could only see the view that you’re seeing on that, because I was not involved in any of those conversations. But I thought it was really kind and really nice of him to try and keep him. It was someone in my tribe who believed in me.

I also thought it was really smart of him because I would have taken him to the end and I would have been a strong alliance with him — I wouldn’t break that. I think that it was very smart on his behalf, but he was definitely outnumbered — it didn’t work out that way.

How long do you think someone like Cochran can last in this game? He clearly is not the strongest contestant, and he tends to run around like a chicken with his head cut off [before tribal council].

Isn’t he dodging the bullet? He is still making it through! Outwitting is definitely a huge part of the game, and that may take him very far. You never know.

On some of the extra footage online, we really saw you bonding with Christine at Redemption Island — which we didn’t see much of on the show. What was that experience like for you?

It was really funny because we went from 60 to zero. I was asleep when she [arrived] — and you don’t wake me up in my sleep! She had that New York attitude, and she was like ‘where am I supposed to sleep?’ I didn’t even know what day she was supposed to come, and I had finally fell asleep when that happened.

So we had initially started off on the wrong foot, but like 15 minutes she was like ‘are you cold? I’m cold, let’s make a [fire],’ and we ended up staying up all night talking. I think she’s an amazing person and I was really happy to have some company out there.

Finally, what is your take on everything you are seeing from Coach and the Upolu tribe?

I am happy that we had Ozzy on our tribe because I noticed Coach showing Brandon how to do something, and I know that Ozzy is such a hands-on person on our tribe that you never had to ask him how to do some things, he was always helping everyone.

I would say that I’m excited to see how long [their tribe] is going to last — so I’ll watch and see!

Who are you rooting for to win it all? Stay tuned — we’ll have more “Survivor” coverage all season!

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