‘Survivor: South Pacific’ episode 3 winners and losers: alliances rule

Who made a silly move?

In doing this week’s version of the winners and loser from “Survivor: South Pacific,” we could just practically label the real winners just both alliances. Both Savaii (in Ozzy, Keith, Jim, Elyse, and Whitney) and Upolo (in Brandon, Albert, Coach, Sophie, and Rick) all seem to have everything worked out, and it’s hard to see the turning on each other just yet.

That being, said, there were some people who stood out more than others.

The winners

Whitney – This country singer is subtly in the best position in this game. Not only is she in an alliance, but Keith managed to tell her about Ozzy’s immunity idol for “strategic reasons” without her even having to ask. She has an alpha male wrapped around her finger, and she has to know it at this point.

Jim – While he still looks like the even eviler twin of Seth MacFarlane, Jim took on Papa Bear in all the right ways at tribal council by asserting that there was no dominant alliance — which keeps him open for future deals.

Sophie – The only girl in the Upolo alliance seems to have herself in a great place. She is skeptical of Brandon, but she is keeping most of her concerns quiet. You always want to be aware in this game, but you always want to keep your cards close to the vest.

Coach – Once again, we have to give Coach Wade some love for the way he’s playing this time. He’s eased up on the crazy antics and journeys down the Amazon, and he also seems to be manipulating just enough to stay in control. Plus, he also seems to understand why it is beneficial to keep Brandon around — the guy will never win a million dollars.

Christine – She won the Redemption Island duel. That’s it.

The losers

Brandon – Brandon may say he’s not like his uncle Russell, but the two have one thing in common — neither one of them would ever win a jury vote. Brandon shot himself in the foot a countless amount of times this week, most notable when he threw a tantrum over his desire to get rid of Mikayla. You can’t just act horrible and then repent later all the time and expect people to like you.

Ozzy – Ozzy needs to learn a lesson — telling people about idols is almost always a bad idea if they can use it to get power over you. Keith totally took him to the cleaners! While it may not happen right away, Ozzy just set himself up to repeat Micronesia.

Cochran – With Papa Bear gone, Cochran is now at the center of the crosshairs on Savaii — and he’s going to need to count on a big move or an immunity run for his tribe to stick around. (Based on what we’ve seen from next week, he’s trying to get in with Jim.)

Papa Bear – Really, the guy’s only a loser in the sense that he got voted off — but hats off for trying to do everything you could to stick around, including making a hidden immunity idol and sticking it your pocket.

Semhar – We have our first person officially gone from the game, and outside of a couple of slam poems, it’s hard to ever remember she was there. Semhar actually seems like a cool person who just didn’t fit in during this game. Sad.

Check back Thursday, as we are going to have a chat with Semhar about her time in the game!

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