‘Glee’: ranking the ‘I Am Unicorn’ performances

Blaine’s performance rocked.

When it comes to new episodes of “Glee,” the show actually made the decision to focus more on the story rather than the music — but all the while, there were three performances given in the midst of the “West Side Story” auditions.

“Somewhere” (by Lea Michele and Idina Menzel) – In terms of a song choice, this was by and large better than the awkward “Poker Face” duet we got all the way back in season 1. The only real issue here was Rachel suddenly being interested in singing with Shelby after she acted as if she didn’t want to ever speak with her again. It was a powerful duet, albeit a little forced. Grade: B-

“I Am the Greatest Star” (by Chris Colfer) – Vocally, Colfer’s Kurt nailed this song without a problem. Once again, though, the problem was just that the entire performance really wasn’t exactly meant to appeal to the judges as it was to set up a plot device to show that Kurt was not “manly” enough for the role. Grade: C+

“Something’s Coming” (by Darren Criss) – It’s rare that we see Darren Criss’ Blaine get to close out an episode, but he did just that Tuesday night — and for good reason. His performance didn’t have any of the frills of the two performances before him, but he was still somehow the most captivating. Hooray for simplicity! And boo for Kurt not encouraging Blaine to give the part of Tony a shot. Grade: A-

What was your favorite performance?

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