Elijah Wood fights Dominic Monaghan at Fantastic Fest 2011

Elijah vs Dominic

‘Lord of the Rings’ co-stars Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan squared off at the 2011 Fantastic Fest on Saturday night in a boxing match to end all boxing matches.

The gauntlet was thrown by Wood through a YouTube video where he says; “I’ve received a call to fight, a call to fight my brother.  Brothers for so long, no longer.  I have been training endlessly, tirelessly for days.  You’re looking at me and you’re thinking, why is he so happy?  I don’t take glee from this my friend.  We were in a fellowship together.”  Wood finally asks Monaghan “What are you going to bring, Manchester boy? Where’s your Pippin now [expletive]”

Dominic responded to Elijah the next day with a YouTube video of his own.  He accepted Wood’s challenge and videotaped himself doing his ‘5000’ sit up a day exercise regime.  Dominic said; “Yup, you caught me doing my 5000 sit ups a day.  The sign of a champion, my body’s a temple.  Just training for my boxing match, and I’m so on it.”  His trainer then asks who he thinks is in better physical shape and Dominic blurts out “Elijah Wood.”

The duo squared off on Saturday night, first with a debate about the best game ever created ‘World of Warcraft’.  The question up for debate; ‘Is World of Warcraft a huge waste of time?’  While Elijah agreed that it was a time waster, Dominic thought that 12,000,000 users couldn’t be wrong.  Monaghan said; “There’s something like 12,000,000 people playing ‘World of Warcraft’ at any given time, the biggest online gaming community in the world, so I feel like 12,000,000 people must be doing something right.”

After the debate the duo jumped into the boxing ring together and used their fists to settle the argument and although Dominic initially thought that Elijah was going to beat him to a pulp, the audience crowned Monaghan as the winner.

The Fantastic Fest is being held in South Austin and ends on Thursday.  You can check out Elijah and Dominic’s videos to each other below.

Photo: Fantastic Fest



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