‘Survivor: South Pacific’: a water challenge — plus Brandon’s waterworks

The dilemma continues.

While we wait for Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor: South Pacific,” we do have some good news — there’s finally a water challenge! This is something that longtime fans have been waiting to see for ages, but the rough conditions of Nicaragua made it impossible to happen there.

As for who wins this (and the first duel of the show between Semhar and Christine), we really don’t know — but we can at least guarantee that Brandon Hantz is going to continue his near-constant sense of panic around camp. It looks as though there will be another confrontation between himself and Mikayla — otherwise known as the contestant he’s so intimidated by since she makes him want to do unspeakable things that would ruin his marriage. (Judging from the fact that he is shirtless, it also seems as though he admits to everyone that he is Russell Hantz’s nephew.

For the time being, it seems as though the targets for elimination are pretty obvious. If Savaii loses the immunity challenge, Cochran, Papa Bear, and Dawn are in big trouble — meanwhile, an Upolo loss could put Stacey, Brandon, or Mikayla in big trouble (though we have to think the group would want to keep the latter around for physical purposes).

Who do you think is in the most trouble now?

Photo: CBS

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